Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tough Inspector Consulting SERVICES

$35 Inital Diagnostic Consultation

A TIC representative will come onsite and meet with you to discuss your concerns and/or problems. We will conduct a brief walk-thru to analyze the condition of your establishment, propose a corrective plan of action, and finalize a schedule and contract for any inspections necessitated. Please contact us to schedule your consultation.

We offer a variety of Inspections

TIC offers initial restaurant inspections for new restaurant owners who have been released by code enforcement but have not had their 1st routine local health inspection. Follow-up restaurant inspections are conducted when a restaurant has received a failing grade from their local health department and needs to correct specific violations.TIC conducts complaint inspections when customers report foodborne illnesses or other food safety/food sanitation concerns. TFER-based restaurant inspections are based upon critical elements identified by the state of Texas, known as "Texas Food Establishment Rules" and are used by a majority of local Texas health departments. The 55 Pt restaurant Inspection is TIC's most comprehensive inspection and focuses on every aspect of a restaurant's food service operation, from proper storage of food products, food temperatures for cooked and uncooked product, assessment of equipment/utensil condition, water systems, garbage disposal, pest control and structural componets (walls, floors, ceilings, lighting and ventilation.), etc. *Foster care/Adoptive home inspections are now offered for the low price of $65, dependent on residence location.

During any inspection a person of your choice (manager/owner) is invited to accompany the inspector through the inspection. The TIC inspector will provide a complete written review and explanation of findings and offer realistic corrective actions and proactive suggestions. In instances of severe food safety violations, photographic images will be provided. If you know what you need, feel free to schedule your 1st comprehensive inspection.

Our restaurant inspections include but are not limited to, the detailed evaluation of the following areas, systems, and components:

Main kitchen(s)

Interior store room

Detached storage facilties

Heating and Cooling Systems

Dishwasher sanitization and Water pressure

Exhaust Hood -Ventahood


Refrigerator and Freezer


Interior and Exterior Walls

Floors,Vents & Drains

Windows & Doors

Bathroom Fixtures

Trash Compactor and Greasetrap

Food Safety Training classes

TIC knows that for both large restaurants and small business owners..FOOD SAFETY, FOOD SANITATION, AND GOOD HYGIENIC PRACTICES are crucial!! We understand that your employees need to be trained and that finding the time to send your staff offsite for training can be frustrating and very expensive.

TIC will have an expert come to your location and bring the quality of training that your business and employees deserve. We will schedule your class to a time and day (6 days a week) that best fits your schedule. After all, the best place to train YOUR staff is in YOUR business! We request that you have 6 or more students for each class.

TIC Restaurant "Mystery Shopping"

A TIC inspector will arrive onsite as a "customer" and after a lengthy vist, inform you about how your servers and other employees interact with your customers when you're not there. You'll know which employees are rude and which ones are stellar -especially, in regards to customer service. We will be YOUR extra pair of expert eyes, seeing your business from a customers point of view.

**TIC conducts visual inspections of those food establishment components that are accessible and can be viewed or operated without dismantling parts or moving furnishings. If a defect is hidden under furnishings or inside walls or is buried, it can be impossible for the inspector to locate the defect.