Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tough Inspectors Consulting: ABOUT US

Tough Inspectors Consulting ("TIC") was established in 2006 and is individually and locally owned. TIC is dedicated to providing quality professional restaurant inspections to all retail restaurants throughout the DFW Metroplex . TIC inspectors are highly trained professionals, taking at least 20 hours of continuing education annually and working with specialists in many of the trades.

TIC provides a variety of comprehensive inspections and training sessions. This allows us to customize each inspection, based on the current needs of any given establishment. Our reports are extremely detailed and in some instances, accompanied by photographs. To ensure QUALITY inspections, TIC management limits the number of inspections TIC inspectors are allowed to conduct, to a maximum of four per day!!

We believe that the inspection process must be utilized as an educational experience and not just a run-through of a checklist of items.

We strongly encourage our clients to be active participants in the inspection process. This allows the owner/inspector to develop a personal relationship with each client. If ever there are client concerns, then you speak directly with the person that can make things right.

For your convenience, we email your report in PDF format, within 24 hours. Or if you do not have access to a computer, a printed version of the report will be made available upon request.